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Friday, October 31, 2014

Congratulations to all the prizewinners in the 2014 Newcastle Poetry Prize

Joint winners:
Debi Hamilton for 'Red Riding Hood Grows Old'
Anthony Lawrence for 'Itinerary'

3rd Prize:
Philip Radmall for 'The Difference of Distance'

Local Winner:
Steve Armstrong for 'Deadman'

Harri Jones Memorial Prize Winner
(for a poem by a poet under 35 years):
Caitlin Maling for 'Border Crossing'

Hunter Writers Centre Members' award:
Kathryn Fry for 'Green Point Bearings'

Jennifer Kornberger for 'The Twilight Observatory'
Lachlan Brown for 'Bracketing a Bursting House'

In addition to the above, the 2014 anthology features the following poets and their poems:

Vale, David Adès  David Adès
Uluru  Lisa Brockwell
The song of longing  Liana Joy Christensen
Lampedo    Rico Craig
Valour (Somme Sonnets)    Brett Dionysius
Il Voce    Joe Dolce
Rain Is Its Own Season   Diane Fahey
Deposition   Christine Fontana
Ned Kelly Dreaming   Hilary Gilmore
States of Grace   Patrick Gleadhill
Hell’s Bells   John Jenkins
Lost Geographies   Jill Jones
To the Picnic of Bears, a leg-up   Christopher Kelen
Earlier  Rosanna Licari
Houdini in Australia   David Lumsden
At River Bend   Frances Olive
The All Australian Girl  Ian Pettit
Glass Letters   Felicity Plunkett
Beethoven starts work on his great fugue Op.133  Derek Recsei
L Loy D    John Scott
Hex   Connor Strange
Horizons   Alison Thompson
Eloquent Assassin  Campbell Thomson
Walking the Undoing  Anne Walsh
Double Exposure    Chloe Wilson

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