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Friday, October 24, 2014

Sculpture by the Sea - at Bondi Beach, Sydney

Great photos of the magnificent sculptures recently on show in the sun, surf and sand of Bondi Beach! This wonderful beast is a massive Rhino sculpture by Mikaela Castledine from Perth in Western Australia - way over on the other side of the island! It has already had a stint on Sculpture by the Sea - Cottesloe Beach, Perth, and now has found a permanent home in Sydney. (Mikaela secretly smuggles a small handbag-size red Rhino in her luggage as they travel ...)

For more photos, take a look HERE

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Cameron Robertson said...

I love visiting art exhibitions and displays as there are always new and exciting masterpieces to appreciate. I did get the chance to view this particular one at Bondi beach after going back from the self storage nearby. Some of the works are really out of this world as public mobile art like this is hard to come by.