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Sunday, September 13, 2015

The Heron's Nest - submissions close 15 September

The submission deadline is approaching.
September 15 (for the December issue)
Please submit 5 - 15 poems at a time.
Please include your city, state, and country for our author index.
Here are some qualities we find essential to haiku:
Present moment magnified (immediacy of emotion)
Interpenetrating the source of inspiration (no space between observer and observed)
Simple, uncomplicated images
Common language
Finding the extraordinary in "ordinary" things
Implication through objective presentation, not explanation: appeal to intuition, not intellect
Human presence is fine if presented as an archetypical, harmonious part of nature (human nature should blend in with the rest of nature rather than dominate the forefront)
Humor is fine, if in keeping with "karumi" (lightness) - nothing overly clever, cynical, comic, or raucous
Musical sensitivity to language (effective use of rhythm and lyricism)
Feeling of a particular place within the cycle of seasons

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How to Submit Submission Deadlines March 15 (for the June issue) June 15 (for the September issue) September 15 (for the December issue) December 15 (for the March issue) Haiku may be sent at any time for consideration for the next available issue. Guidelines Please submit 5 - 15 poems at a time. Pl…

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