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Saturday, September 26, 2015

TWISTED FICTION Competition Closing Soon!

Hi all,
This is your final reminder for submissions to the Geelong Writers Inc. current writing competition.
And here are the rules again, just to help you to move from the couch to the computer, and get your TWISTY FICTION story in before the end of this month, that’s only four (4) daze away. Don’t be in a daze.

Geelong Writers Twisty Fiction Writing Competition – 1500 words

DUE – September 30th, 2015.
Email entries to – (This is the only address for entries)


1st Prize $ 150
2nd Prize $ 100
3rd Prize $ 50
7 Honourable mentions
All stories selected will be offered publication in the 2015 anthology. Some light editing may be applied.
Only 1 submission per author.
Fiction of any genre e.g. science fiction, contemporary, historical, romance.
Suitable for any age group e.g. children, young adult, adult.
The story must include a twist of events in some way.
Please consider the wider audience to ensure your submission is appropriate and not offensive in any way.

Guidelines for submission

Microsoft Word submission must not have any identifying features apart from the title.

Separate attachment for contact details page including email, address and phone number.
OPTIONAL - 120 word Biography included on contact details page. To be published in anthology if selected..
Page Layout
Times New Roman
Size 12
Single Spacing
Paragraphs - Left aligned; first line indented
Do not include page numbers in submission
Word Limit
1500 words or as close to as possible. DO NOT GO OVER. You will void your submission!
Word count does not include the title.

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