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Friday, February 08, 2008

Perth city

After all my talk in recent times of snakes and kangaroos and such, readers outside of Australia may have a rather rural view of what Perth looks like. THis photo was on The West Australian Newspaper's website yesterday, so I've borrowed it to show you this is a thriving metropolis, with its own skyscraper skyline and traffic problems. We are part of the modern Western world, but we are situated on the buttocks of Asia. The NYSX influences our finances on a daily basis, but we trade most fruitfully with China and Japan. The snakes and kangaroos and all our wildlife (koala bears, frill-necked lizards, etc) are mainly way outside the city environs, although we do have wildlife parks for tourists and visitors to see in the outer suburbs.

We have a thriving cultural society, with many writers and artists of renown living and working here, plus musicians from pop to classical. In fact, when it comes to jazz and pop and blues, we excell.

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