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Sunday, February 24, 2008

You can't think and play at the same time ...

"JW: When you put your horn in your mouth to play, what's going through your mind?

"SR: When I was a boy practicing the alto sax in my bedroom or in the closet or someplace else in my house, I would sort of do what I do now, which is go into a stream-of-consciousness state. This is what I do today when I’m soloing in a concert setting. I go into this neutral mental state. To create, my mind has to be blank. I may think of a few things at the beginning to get started. But when I really get into a solo, my mind is completely blank. You can’t think and play at the same time. It comes too fast."

Sonny Rollins interviewed on jazzwax, a dedicated blog, but here broadcast at

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