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Friday, February 15, 2008

Wednesday & Thursday snap(s)

Every Wednesday
they string-up

all across
suburban skies
four black lines

before the blue
of a startling
clear sky

then birds come -
lorikeets to crows -
to perch and



Thursday evening on dry earth
by the wetlands
bright orange-striped wasp
and greyhaired spider
fight on the run
wasp dragging reverse
spider's legs leaping
dry brown

They move
jerkily over dry grass
like a toddler’s crazy writing
on scrap paper

I stare and can’t tell
who drags who pushes
the thought comes to me
I am standing like
my childhood self
staring at the ground
as the world went by

1 comment:

Nichlas said...

Inspirational and beautiful as always. I still keep Pushing at Silence in my shelf. Going to Melbourne in August for love.