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Saturday, May 09, 2009

Away down south ...

We are lucky enough to have friends 'down south' as we descriptively say in WA. This place is not too far outside of Busselton, about 260 kilometres door-to-door from our home. In the city you rarely think of where the water comes from out of the tap, or how convenient the electricity is. Each trip outside city and town limits reminds me not to take these things for granted.

We drove down there, with our Jack Russell cross, Zimmy in the back seat, just to get to know the place a little before we housesit for the month of June. We then have a housesitter in our house - it's the adult version of musical chairs, only in this case it is literary chairs.

They have two wonderful dogs: an aged German Shepherd and a crazy friendly frenetic Golden Retriever puppy, hardly a year old yet and full of beans and mischief.

Roll on June! (We hope they get some rain down there by then, or we'll be buying water in.)

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