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Saturday, May 02, 2009


More poems and all the other great poems from 1930s on, from the great Objectivist and Socialist poet, George Oppen. And it is for sale at $25 US dollars. Seems a good deal to me!

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I went looking for a favourite poem in This In Which (1962), and gave up in the end. I read the book. So here's one from many fine poems, a poem with echoes for today's world -


The man is old and-
Out of scale

Sitting in the rank grass. The fact is
It is not his world. Tho it holds

The machine which has so long sustained him,
The plumbing, sidwalks, the roads

And the objects
He has owned and remembers.
He thinks of murders and torture

In the German cellars
And the resistance of heroes

Picturing the concrete walls.

George Oppen

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