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Friday, June 01, 2012

Early Warning: Get submissions ready and send early!



Submissions close at
11:59pm AEST, 14 August 2012

Beginning with this issue of Cordite, we will accept up to four poems per submission. This includes text, sound, image, video and other digital forms of poetry. INTERLOCUTOR will include features, interviews, updates and more from just about every angle this theme can be approached from.

Cordite 40: INTERLOCUTOR will be guest-edited by Libby Hart and feature artwork from James Bonnici and Melanie Scaife.

Poetry is in nonstop dialogue with the world. Each symbol, line, frame, beat or stanza enters into a conversation. They question. Poetry is interrogation. It is instruction.
In fact, it can be most anything you want it to be. Absurd. Open-minded. A fragment of a speaker’s speech that becomes whispers and shouts of drama or humour. A Glaucon to your Socrates. A Casio to your Moog to your Farfifsa. Who is the speaker? Who is listening? Are you willing to have a conversation? If you play Defender, can you be our hyperspace?

For full submission details, visit our website.

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