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Saturday, June 09, 2012

"Play up! play up! and play the game!" - Cricket Poetry Award 2012 -

Back Street Boys by Joni Dennis

Poetry prize value $2000

You are invited to write and submit a poem that depicts life in and around the game and sport of cricket, in settings of backyard, street, beach, park, village green or social-cricket.

The genre may be narrative, dramatic, satirical, lyrical, elegy or verse fable.

The written and spoken word reflects the emotions and beliefs that influence our thoughts, behaviour and personality. Use a national pastime and global sport – cricket - as the ‘vehicle’ to
unsettle preconceptions, generate new ideas and consider our contemporary culture.

Closing Date Friday 31st August 2012. The Cricket Poetry Award is run in conjunction with the Cricket Art Prize and the winner will be announced at the Cricket Art Prize opening event   Members Pavilion - Sydney Cricket Ground, 4th Oct 2012.

Head to the website for more details:

Download an entry form at this link: EntryForm-v1-copy.pdf

Former winner 2011

Boxing Day Test by Cecilia White won the Cricket Poetry award for 2011.
Her poem powerfully describes the retrospective, compassionate thoughts and feelings we feel when watching a test match on television on a hot summers day…

Boxing Day Test by Cecilia White

twelfth man leaves the field, we tumble back to our places
sitting cross-legged below a semi-circle of lanky shinned uncles.
men, exhausted by another year’s hard labour 
and christmas day.
our skin sticks to itself on boxing day in new south wales.
the geography of each body is irrigated by sweat
it is impossible to imagine standing outside 
for each over, and over again.
the cork and willow clap in the dry summer heat  
of another state.
our uncles lean into the room, 
lean forward towards the box, as if they were next bat.
tensing muscles deep in bare redbrowned arms
they are in the memory position,
revisiting lives they dreamed as boys when
they could imagine up a roaring crowd
that would lift them high above the drudgery 
of normal men.

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