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Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Cordite 39: JACKPOT! Now online -

Poetry Guest-edited by Samuel Wagan Watson

"Twenty years ago, I decided to leave university after five weeks into my first semester. I’d worked hard for a year in a pre-tertiary course and discovered a genuine spring of warmth that bubbled inside of me when my college lecturers praised my creative writing assignments. Later, I was accepted into a good university and took English Literature 101. An editor of a literary journal had suggested that my short story writing was lacking in momentum, but critiqued my misadventure with words as having a certain ‘poetic’ quality. His advice was to try my hand at verse. And the rest, as ‘they’ say, is history.." - Astrid Lorange

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And now, some reminders ...
Cordite 40: INTERLOCUTOR will be guest-edited by Libby Hart and feature artwork from Melanie Scaife and James Bonnici. For full submission details, visit our website.

Cordite 41: TRANSPACIFIC will be guest-edited by Michael Nardone and Josephine Rowe. Submissions open 1 September, 2012.

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