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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Poetica's sampling of contemporary Australian poetry publications


Saturday 1 September 2012 3:05PM (view full episode)
To celebrate National Poetry Week, Poetica producer Mike Ladd takes us on a round-the-nation sampling of contemporary Australian poetry publications from every state and territory. Some are by poets debuting their first collections, like Carmel Williams, Michelle Dicinoski, Eileen Chong, Fiona Wright and Anthony Lynch, and some are by veterans like Bruce Dawe and the late Rosemary Dobson.
Readers: Katherine Fyffe and Cameron Goodall.
Sound engineer: Andrea Hensing.
Producer: Mike Ladd

Supporting Information

List of poems:
Anzac Hill at Night, by Carmel Williams, from The Butcher’s Window, Picaro Press, 2012
The Opthalmic Prosthetist, by Andrew Burke, from Qwerty, Mulla Mulla Press, 2011
Divining Colander, by Rosemary Dobson, from Collected, UQP, 2012.
Rehearsal, by Peter Steele, from Braiding the Voices, John Leonard Press, 2012.
Night Train, by Anthony Lynch, from Night Train, Clouds of Magellan, 2011
Bellbirds, by Peter Rose, from Crimson Crop, UWA Publishing, 2012
Requiem for Je Reviens by Worth, by Lyn Reeves, from Designs on the Body, Interactive Press, 2010
Falling, by Aidan Coleman, from Asymmetry, Brandl and Schlesinger, 2012
His Collarbone, by Ioana Petrescu, from Persuading Plato, Ginninderra Press, 2012
We drove to Auburn, by Fiona Wright, from Knuckled, Giramondo, 2011
Bathhouse Ritual, by Eileen Chong, from burning rice, Australian Poetry New Voices Series 2012
Wet Season, by David Musgrave, from Concrete Tuesday, Island Press, 2012
Pet, by Kate Lilley, from Ladylike, UWA Publishing, 2012
At the Seventies Revival Party, by Duncan Richardson, from Ultra Soundings, Interactive Press, 2012
Intimate not monumental, by Michelle Dicinoski, from Electricity for Beginners, Clouds of Magellan, 2011 
Slo-Mo Tsunami, by Bruce Dawe, from Slo-Mo Tsunami and Other Poems, Puncher and Wattmann, 2011

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