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Thursday, June 26, 2014

La Mama lifts the lid on Gen Y


June 25 - July 6 @ La Mama Theatre

Think Gen Y are a bunch of lazy whinging privileged inarticulate shallow douchebags? It’s crossed our minds too, even though we’re talking about ourselves.
What happens when life throws you a serious curve ball but you are unable to talk about it? This group of young people find themselves in a situation which will lead you to re-examine your ideas of Gen Y and our ability to navigate and tell our own story. It’s pretty f*cked.

Written by Phoebe Anne Taylor
Directed by James Shaw
Performed by Hannah Bolt, Siobhan Connors, Lisa Divissi, Isabel Hertaeg,
Eben Rojter
 and Phoebe Anne Taylor

More info, including performance times HERE

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