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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Turning Poetry into Film: New Competition

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A new poetry competition for mindshare… turning poetry into short film.
mindshare are the 2014 recipients of Arts SA’s Strategic Community Partnership : Community Grant working with the Media Resource Centre and Access 2 Arts. As part of this project we are inviting poets, writers and individuals with lived experience of a mental health issue to submit a poem, which is between 16 and 40 lines.  You may also submit a poem or suite of poems to the maximum length of 40 lines.
A suite of poems is a number of short poems on the same theme, these poems are often numbered or have separate subtitles.
We are seeking good poetry on any theme for this competition and you may enter up to five poems with the competition closing on the 14th of July.
Our judge Jude Aqulina will select 8 poems from a diverse range of applicants. The winners of this competition will then be invited to take part in a digital story workshop in which they will turn their poetry into short films working with the Media Resource Centre.
Screen Shot 2013-12-12 at 1.38.32 pm
Screen Shot 2013-12-12 at 1.37.04 pm

(images are from the award winning short film Regeneration)
Winning applicants must be available to take part in the final workshops to bring their words to life (details are below):
Warm Up Session 3 to 6pm on Friday 8 August 2014 (All participants)
Workshop Session Day 1 : 10am to 4pm Friday 15 August (All participants)
Workshop Session Day 2 (Group 1 : 4 of the participants) 10am to 4pm Saturday 16 August
Workshop Session Day 3 (Group 2 : 4 of the participants) 10am to 4pm Sunday 17 August
Screening for the participants, family and friends : date TBC (All participants)
Closing Date: Monday 14 July 2014
To download a registration form please click the format below:
Enquiries to:
P: 0406 980 962
Mindshare would like to thank the MHCSA, Arts SA and Access 2 Arts.

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