TORONTO -- Toronto-born wordsmith Anne Carson picked up the $65,000 Griffin Poetry Prize on Thursday night for her collection "Red Doc>," the second time she has won the lucrative honour.
"If my mom were alive today she would be so happy and my dad would shake hands with me," said the writer, who teaches at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor.
The annual event gives out two $65,000 prizes -- one to a Canadian and another to an international poet.
California-based Brenda Hillman won the international award for "Seasonal Works with Letters on Fire" (Wesleyan University Press).
Said the judges of "Red Doc>": "Words are rescued, morphed and slapped awake. Speech hurtles from vulgar to sublime. Everything accelerates except when a break is introduced disguised as riff, list or song and the mead is served in golden cups."