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Sunday, June 05, 2011

Frank Parker (poet) reading with Lyon Leifer (bansuri)

This is a sweet event where my friend Frank Parker reads his work-in-progress poem Win Po to the lyrical accompaniment of Lyon Leifer, well traveled and musically experienced flautist. It was recorded at The Drawing Studio on March 26, 2011. The words are set down but the music is a variation on Indian raga, an improvised piece of classical Indian music with spiritual roots.

You can also click back on this site to find lots of other readings by poets you may have heard of - There's Rae Armantrout, Charles Alexander, George Mattingly, Mark Weiss and Eileen Myles, to name a few. Go for a wander and lend an ear. Many a time it inspires poets to hear other poets read their work, live or recorded.


Frank Parker said...

Wonderful! Thank you! That was a once in a life time collaboration. Lyon was very generous to participate and I don't think my poetry has ever been better framed. Nice to see it here on "hi spirits", Andrew!

Andrew said...

Likewise, thanks for the posting on TRUCK. Your design chops are very good!