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Sunday, June 19, 2011

New Collected Poems by Tomas Tranströmer

"Tranströmer is that rare thing: a non-English-language poet who has been fully accepted into British and US poetry in his own lifetime. In the 60s he became associated with Robert Bly and the Deep Image school of US poetry, and in the early 90s (after the publication of the first edition of this book) many UK poets caught on. More recently, Robin Robertson translated a selection of his poems in The Deleted World, and hopefully this new volume of Robin Fulton's translations (which includes Tranströmer's most recent work as well as some previously uncollected haiku and a prose memoir) will confirm a third wave of interest in this poet's work."

A quote from a thoughtful review at

I first came in contact with Transtormer while I was having a Robert Bly binge at the Adelaide city library. Some one at that library had a serious knowledge of contemporary poetry, which had been lacking in the Perth library. I would get on my bike (Adelaide city is very flat so it was easy to ride) with my toddler daughter in her little seat at the back, and pedal off to the library. So I'm looking forward to buying this book for many literary and sentimental reasons.

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