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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

[Suffolk Poetry Society] Poems and Poets - poems sought for anthology

Poems and Poets seeks poems for an anthology celebrating the international poetry year. Of special interest are poems that touch on the human relationships, love, life, death, family, politics and nature.

The editors are especially interested in themes related to humanity and/or environmental, consciousness but are open to diverse subjects.Political poetry and poetry of witness encouraged.

No entry fee. Deadlines: July 15.

The focus may be on issues of modern life daily experiences in poetry of any genre. Requested are submissions that address the theme(s)of Human Relationships, War and Peace, Borders, Identity, Love, Life and Death, Inspirational, Politics, Women, etc... in new and exciting ways that allow readers to see the multiplicity of angles and issues these broad headings generate.

Submissions are open to any creative writers in academic scholarship cycles (students, professors, etc.) and poets from confirmed ones to emerging ones.

Feel free to transmit and publish this Call for Papers and information among your academic poetry and literary community and websites.

For submission details, see

Best Regards,

Eva Reynolds
Editorial Staff


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