Wednesday, August 17, 2022





John walked out

            on ankle-high surf

babbling on the reef

            finding its way

through the sharp rocky surface


I followed behind

            nervous in my old tennis shoes

walking gingerly

            tyre lever in hand

hunting for abalone.


John knows how. He’d been

            around the world

working on merchant ships

            telling tales of the high seas

and the low dives in port cities.


I’d been in boarding school

            for much of his travels,

anchored to declining verbs

            and translating Caesar.

He told us about the tough whores

            of Marseilles while I was

taking a Burmese girl from

            a Catholic boarding school

for a hamburger and coffee.


“Here you go, here’s some,”

            as he bent to the reef

hacking at stones  as

            the sun glittered off

the Indian Ocean.




-        17/08/2022

Tuesday, July 26, 2022

 There's poetry in everything. It's in how you read it. Take, for example, the text below:

20 is a pronic number. 20 is a tetrahedral number as 1, 4, 10, 20. 20 is the basis for vigesimal number systems. 20 is the third composite number to be the product of a squared prime and a prime, and also the second member of the (2 )q family in this form.20 is the smallest primitive

Friday, July 15, 2022





I am drained of much

and live in echoes,

bones brittle

and heart



Yet I can laugh

and play

with dialog

with the shopkeeper

and the old woman

who sits outside

on the padded seat

of her walking frame.


Tradesmen bounce

out of their 

utilities and trucks

to buy a choc milk

and meaty pies.


She sips her coffee

silently in a 

meditation on

their exhaust.




Andrew BURKE