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April Voicebox
A special Voicebox event will be held on Monday 24 April at 6.30pm at the Fibonacci Cafe in Fremantle: the launch of Snake Like Charms by Amanda Joy, Fremantle's own Peter Porter Prize-winning poet. Published by UWAP Poetry, the book will be launched Dr Liana Joy Christensen. There will be readings, music and open mic segments. $10 entry.
Armadale Writers' Festival: Poetry Slam
Join poet Rose van Son at the Bean Thru Cafe on Saturday 29 April, 2.30-4pm, for an event that will involve both writing and performance of poetry. The winning artworks from the 2016 Minnawarra Art Awards will be used as inspiration. Free event; RSVP on Eventbrite.

2017 Patron's Prize for Poets Competition
The Peter Cowan Writers Centre in Joondalup has opened entries to their Patron's Prize. The competition has an open theme and entrants may submit poems up to a maximum of 50 lines. 1st prize $200; 2nd prize $100; 3rd prize $50. There is also a Novice prize. Entries close 9 June. Visit the PCWC website for more information.
ACU Prize for Poetry 2017
Entries for the 2017 Australian Catholic University (ACU) Prize for Poetry are now open, with this year's first prize worth $10,000. This year's theme is ‘Joy’. Entries close 3 July. For more information, visit the website.


Come celebrate HE who is forever there and not there, WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE.

As a writer we may think him to be courtly, cerebral, metaphysical, melancholic, Machiavellian, neurotic, light-hearted, loving and much more however, as there are few delible factual things known about the man we are in the curious position of compelling ourselves to adding to his portrait.


Performances from

Soleded Cordeaux, Elaine Morel and Elizabeth Newman

Glen Philips and Alison Headrick

OFF CUTS (abridged short plays):
Benito Di Fonzo and cast of Screes
Shakespeare Trivia and Open Readings

This is an afternoon event and we encourage you to come early to ensure that you have a place in the open read.

The event is presented by Poetry Sydney, The Old Fitzroy Hotel and Red Velvet Productions.

For more information please contact

WHEN: 3-6pm Sunday 23 April 2017
WHERE: Old Fitzroy Hotel,  129 Dowling Street, Woolloomooloo NSW 2011

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Poetry Opportunities from WritingWA

Poet's Hub

Poetry Workshop with Amy Hilhorst
Join Amy Hilhorst at the Centre for Stories on Tuesday 18 April at 6pm for a workshop that will provide a collaborative opportunity to share your work-in-progress. It will be focussed on page poets who consider themselves to be emerging. Bring a poem and be prepared to provide constructive comments on others' work. Spaces are limited; RSVPs are essential online.
Making Poems Out of Place: John Kinsella
Join Dr Tony Hughes-d’Aeth for this celebration of Kinsella’s work and its influence on poetry and the politics of place in Western Australia at 6pm, Thursday 20 April at Bar Orient in Fremantle. Featuring readings from John himself and many other acclaimed poets. Free event. Register on Eventbrite.
Writing Powerful Poetry with Jackson
Join local poet Jackson for this workshop at the Peter Cowan Writers Centre in Joondalup on Sunday 22 May, 1.30-4.30pm, where you'll learn how to express emotions in your poems. See how great poets manipulate words to make magic and mystery. Suitable for beginners and more experienced poets. $38 members, $48 non-members, book online.
2017 Dangerously Poetic Byron Writers Festival Poetry Prize
Dangerously Poetic Press and the Byron Writers Festival invite poets to write up to 40 lines on the theme 'Truth and Lies'. First Prize: $500, 3 day pass to the 2017 Byron Writers Festival, plus publication in an upcoming anthology. Entry is $15. Entries close 10 May. Download the entry form on the website.

Monday, April 17, 2017


In Other Worlds – In Other Words
the alien anthology
Call for Poems
This is a call for poems, in English and in Chinese, for an anthology of science fiction poetry, to be published, hopefully in 2018-2019 (probably by ASM in China and Flying Islands in Australia). The collection will be fully bilingual – so all of the Chinese-language poems will be translated into English and published as parallel text, and all of the English-language poems will be translated into Chinese and likewise published as parallel text.
The editors of the collection are Kit Kelen and Fei Chen, who will together be coordinating the translation processes as well.
Depending on the nature of the material we collect initially, we may also take the collection and translation process onto a blog for the purpose of allowing poets and poems to respond to each other across languages/cultures.
The idea of a 'science fiction' poetry collection is very broadly conceived. Without wishing to limit the imagination of contributors, topics poets might wish to consider for their submissions include:
- space travel
- time travel
- alien cultures and contacts
- alien languages and human-alien communication
- robots, androids, cyborgs, AIs
- other world geography
- speculations on origins of various kinds
- large philosophical/theological/mythological questions relating to all of the above
- utopic and dystopic allegorical possibilities
- speculations about technology and pure and applied sciences as relevant
 - apocalyptics
- parables and allegories of contemporary relevance
As the anthology is cross-cultural in conception, it has something of an unavoidable we/them or us/other aspect. In other words, the parallel text formatting cannot help but present inter-cultural communication as a thematic concern. So this is something contributors may wish to consider in crafting materials to submit.
Please feel free to canvas any questions you might have about the appropriateness of the material you plan.
Please send contributions in word file attachments (in English or Chinese) to
Kit Kelen at
Fei Chen at

The deadline for contributions is December 1st, 2017.

Friday, April 14, 2017

Online Course: Pitching to Publishers

posted in Online Writing Courses on 12 April, 2017

Australian Writers' Marketplace presents 'Pitching to Publishers', a 4 week online course that will guide you through the process of developing and refining your author pitch. The next course starts on 8 May 2017.

In this month-long course you will work together with your tutor and fellow participants to create a pitch for a publisher that will grab their attention and a proposal that will keep them reading beyond the first sentence. Each week a new lesson will be posted with content, audios and exercises for you to sink your teeth into.

Your tutor will support you to hone your pitch and your proposal so that you can show off your creative work to its best advantage and take it to the next stage in the publishing process.
In this course, you will:
  • learn how to create an attention-grabbing elevator pitch
  • develop a complete proposal packet you can take to agents and publishers
  • learn what publishers look for and what turns them off
  • discover the steps to writing a winning query letter
You will have the opportunity to read a number of proposal ideas, as well as drafts of proposals, during this course – mostly from your fellow writers – so you will be able to hone your skills by reading them and offering constructive, supportive comment.

The course is $150 and will be run by Tiana Templeton.

For more information, visit the AWM website.


Event Details

4 weeks starting 8 May 2017

Tuesday, April 11, 2017


Charles Simic to himself and other poets:
“Be brief and tell us everything."


“Let us temper our criticism with kindness. None of us comes fully equipped,” Carl Sagan

Monday, April 10, 2017


a good world!
crickets ring
a black kite wheels

ISSA 1818
yoi yo to ya mushi ga suzu furi tobi ga mau
A combination of "bell" and "bug," suzumushi is an old word for "cricket"; the idea being that its sound is like a ringing bell. In this haiku, the "insects shaking bells" (mushi ga suzu furi) are, therefore, crickets. See Kogo dai jiten (Shogakukan 1983) 880. The "black kite" in the scene (tobi) is a bird, not the paper kind.

Monday, April 03, 2017