Friday, June 27, 2008

indigo journal needs a voluntary bookkeeper

indigo journal is the new journal of West Australian writing published by W.A.'s vibrant writing group Out of the Asylum.

Out of the Asylum seeks a volunteer bookkeeper to help continue the publication of indigo.

The job entails:

• payment of bills, generation of invoices and banking
• preparation of general ledger
• monthly reconciliation of accounts
• maintenance of subscriber list
• attendance at indigo meetings when required

The job is available for immediate start and Out of the Asylum requires a commitment until the beginning of May 2009.

If you, or someone you know, could be interested in helping out with one of the most exciting literary projects in WA, find out more.

Ring 0407 086 836 or email

Poetica - Haiku part two

This from the ABC newsletter:

Saturday 28/6/2008 15:00 (3pm)
Thursday repeat 3/7/2008 15:00 (3pm)
Australian Haiku - Part 2, produced by Ron Sims
In Poetica's two-part feature, program producer Ron Sims asks: what is it about the Haiku that commands so much time and effort in creating a thing so small? The answer reveals a private world of passion, dedication, honesty and wry humour from writers who produce a Haiku a month to those who produce in their hundreds. The Haiku poem is a tiny 'window-on-life' opening up for the reader an often startling vision of the nature of the world... or of their own nature. As the writers explain, the Haiku really 'takes off' when the tiny spark they set up catches alight with a surprising brilliance in the reader's mind.
Peter Holland, Jodie Buzza and Murray Dowsett read a couple of hundred Haiku along with discusssions with Haiku writers across Australia.

PS: I'm in it this week - Please tune in and post a comment here.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Poets on Poetry, perhaps ...

Fresh off the grapevine:

Robert Kennedy, a Sydney based poet, wants to produce a book titled Poets on Poetry. It’s to be a selection of 500 word statements from about 150 published poets throughout Australia; covering areas like, what poetry means, how it works, how you came to poetry and what your hopes for poetry are.

Connected to each poetry statement you can add one short poem only, and a reference to the poet’s books, but only if relevant. Payment is not envisaged at this point.

If you’d like to be involved, write your 500 word poetry statement and attach your poem, then send it by December 1, 2008 - to Robert at

Groucho Marx said -

"A child of five would understand this. Send someone to fetch a child of five."

Apropos of absolutely nothing ...

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

New Blog

My son, Charlie, is now travelling in his job with the ICC, so he has started a blog to keep friends and family up to date with his activities. These are just a copuple of snaps from his stay in Port Moresby. You can find his blog at

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Poetica - Haiku in Australia Parts 1 & 2

Poetica is a radio program dedicated to the performance of poetry and ranges freely among contemporary Australian and overseas work as well as drawing on ancient sources and from bi-lingual programs, live readings, studio-based poetry features and on-location recordings.

Scheduled for broadcast on June 21 and 28 is the program, Haiku in Australia, a detailed exploration of this burgeoning poetic form with some of Australia's leading practitioners.

It will please some and surprise many that the seemingly mystical art of 'Haiku writing' is not only alive throughout Australia but is truly flourishing, beguiling and tempting writers across the country from Perth to Brisbane...

In Poetica's two part feature, Peter Holland, Jodie Buzza and Murray Dowsett read a couple of hundred Haiku along with discussions with Haiku writers across Australia.

To listen to the program and for more details visit:

All the above from HaikuOz Might I just add that Poetica is on Radio National Saturday afternoon at 3pm, and is presented by Mike Ladd, Australian poet and long-time ABC producer. This program researched and recorded, as well as linked, by Ron Sims, intrepid freelance recorder and broadcaster, and sculptor.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Anna Maria Weldon's THE ROOF MILKERS

You are invited to an afternoon of poetry and music

The Roof Milkers
Annamaria Weldon
Sunline Press

To be launched by Kevin Gillam
Saturday June 21st at 4pm
Gallows Gallery, 53 Glyde Street, Mosman Park

tel 9319 2185 or sms 0404 0101 42
Book sales $25 (no credit card facilities)

Monday, June 16, 2008


Techniques for writing and editing
taught in a playful manner
by Dr Andrew Burke
a published writer with
over thirty years teaching experience.

Enjoy the camaraderie
and learn in the rooms
of this historic writer's house

10am to Noon
at Tom Collins House
Wood Street, Swanbourne

$20 per lesson or
$120 for eight weeks

You don't have to be a member of anything or anywhere to join in these fun sessions. All you need is a pen and paper and a desire to practise writing stories and poems.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Indigo irony ... Deadline extended

Due to their own runaway success, the team behind Indigo literary magazine has had to take a breather and restructure - which benefits WA writers coz they've extended the deadline for submissions for Indigo 3 to September.

So all that last minute nervous editing I did on my pieces was unnecessary... Oh, well, it's all a gamble anyway >g<

Go to - and good luck.

Haibun for Sheila Murphy

I've been reading Falling In Love Falling In Love With You Syntax, Selected and New Poems by Sheila E.Murphy, and, like a child unable to sit still due to new stimulation, I've written a contemporary haibun for Sheila. I hasten to add, slowly, that I'm in the early stages of her book, so this influence is from her early work.

Haibun for Sheila Murphy

Reading your book and stirring the porridge is a plaiting: tactile, rhythmic. The dog barks to have such fun, or wants it. Rain primps on our tin roof, veranda dusted off, biddable as Berryman, narcissistic in its newly found pleasure. I eat the porridge, at the mere mention of which a child sings a song of praise. Nobody answers. Cynicism scoffs at such a half-pint hoofer. Limited by language building in rounds, ego is not a dirty word, fitting biorhythmic conflict within multi-veined bladders. And the verb ran away with the noun. Duncan spoke of the swarm of human speech, as, just now, galahs parlez loudly in the tall gums. Just now and still then. Wit and words and oats,

the spelling and grammar check is complete.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

ECU & Fremantle Press to the launch of
"Contrary Rhetoric by JOHN KINSELLA"
The Landscape Lectures

Wednesday 11 June at 6pm Edith Cowan University
Mount Lawley Campus, Building 3, Conference Room 3.116
2 Bradford Street Mt Lawley.

RSVP Glen Phillips 93706309

Launch photos of 'Lines in the Sand'

Photos courtesy of Frances Macauley Forde - Thank you!

Rose Van Son and Sarah French, Jeanette and Andrew Burke with Trisha Kotai-Ewers, John Kinsella (with Dorothy Hewett on poster), John Harman and Bruce Russell (holding jacket), Dorothy Macgowan and Shane Macauley, Peter Bibby (scarf) Glen Phillips and William Grono,

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Taken off my daughter's Alice's facebook site: Charlie, Miles and Andrew Burke playing cricket at our old Darlington house.