Friday, January 27, 2012

The Bar between St Agnes and The Gugh from St Agnes

Two seas square their dancing
reaching for each other
on the strength of their waves
but pulling back again

not all: some cross over,
and more, and more, they kiss –
tongues one might think merging –
the rock is down below;

and wrack's been pushed aside
as lunch things on tables
when a passion builds up...
slowly, slowly, pink, bare,
momentarily blue,
glistening, and green,
disappearing beneath
mechanical embrace

and the small observer
does well indeed not to
trying to understand

© Lawrence Upton 2012

Lawrence Upton (born London 1949, of Cornish origins) is a poet, graphic artist and sound artist, currently directing Writers Forum. Upton is remarkable for the range of his genres and forms; and for the political savvy of his writing. He is a performer, continuing and expanding the performance tradition of, amongst others, Bob Cobbing. He spent much of the first decade of this century in Cornwall; but is now a Fellow of Goldsmiths, University of London.
Andrew: And I'm happy to say he is a friend. 

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