Friday, August 19, 2011

DONATE NOW! ABC East Africa Appeal

from the ABC site -

How You Can Help

The worst drought in 60 years is affecting people across the East and Horn of Africa. The combination of the drought and ongoing conflict has resulted in the UN declaring famine in parts of Somalia. This is an extraordinary crisis and Australians are responding.The ABC launched its ABC East Africa Appeal on Friday 12 August and has now raised $1 million. We thank our audience - viewers, listeners and users - for their very generous support. This financial support will directly deliver humanitarian assistance to the regions affected.

This humanitarian crisis is best described by a refugee camp aid worker who told Foreign Correspondent on its report from Kenya's Camp Dadaab:"I’ve not seen anything like what I’ve seen in the past two months and I’ve spoken to a lot of my colleagues. I don’t think anybody has experienced this before."

REGINA MUCHAI - Lead Manager, Dagahaley camp.

This program will be repeated on Saturday 20 August at 1pm on ABC 1 and is available on ABC iView.

Please continue to support this appeal.

What You Can Do

Or call on 1300 440 433

You can help save lives by donating to Australia for UNHCR or your preferred aid agency. All donations in response to this appeal will go directly towards UNHCR's emergency relief operations in East Africa, providing much-needed essentials like food, clean water, shelter, sanitation, survival kits and emergency feeding and nutrition programs.

90 cents in every dollar donated will go directly to the field to help people in need in East Africa.

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