Sunday, August 28, 2011

WA's character stamped on Poetry Festival

Rushing off to the Poets Breakfast and the launch of QWERTY this morning - at and Bookstore, Mt Hawthorn. I'll be there all day, too, as I'm joining others for a poetry reading this afternoon featuring Sunline Press poets - Vivienne Glance, Kevin Gillam, Shane McCauley, Roland Leach, Jennifer, Annamaria Weldon and - the latest to join the clan - Mags Webster. Old books, New books will be on sale. (Future books will have to wait.)

Yesterday we had a riotous day at the Perth Poetry Club - NOT your traditional staid poetry reading but a romp through the styles of contemporary poetry with visiting poets Geoff Lemon, Jennifer Compton and John Daniel. Helen Child exploded proceedings with her dildo act as an escaped blow-up sex toy! A giant hoot. That set the mood for many light hearted poems and many irreverent tones of voice. I can't list all the poets - from first timers to old timers (Peter Jeffery read a poem from 40 years ago! strewth - it was in modern English too)- but the reading went from 2pm promptly to 4.20pm. A poem per poet - that's a wholew swag of poets! And even though they came from all corners of the earth, it was very West Aussie, if I may say so. Rambunctious humour might be a word for it, laced with a little sweetness.

Photos to follow ... please, Coral and anybody else.

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