Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Cover Image for New & Revised 'Mother Waits for Father Late' - on the horizon now from Picaro Press

Archive photo of my family, with grandparents at one table and my siblings at the table in the foreground. If you look closely, that is little Andrew standing up at the far table.

Final adjustments just done, so some copies will be in the mail tomorrow. After Easter I'll be hawking it around for $15 a copy. It is slightly different than the 1992 FACP version - I have flicked some poems and replaced them with more recently written ones which are thematically appropriate.

There's no mention of it yet on the Picaro site, but here is their website, just for your interest: http://www.picaropress.com


jbprince said...

Lovely to see little Andrew! Picaro Press's site is beautiful---I look forward to reading your 'Mother Waits for Father Late'.

Coral Carter said...

I will have one Andrew to keep me warm in my garret in Kalg