Sunday, March 28, 2010

Becoming Post Avant by Steven Waling

Steven Waling at Brandoshot at is quietioning why he ended up linked on Ron Silliman's blog with a wonderful piece entitled Becoming Post-Avant. Take a look at it - it is entertaining and, to my mind, relevant.

A taste:

Becoming Post Avant

4. It was a pressure in my head that made me finally admit that I was whatever kind of poet it is I think I've become. I had a failing poem that annoyed me so much, as a last resort, I cut it up. Lo! A light came down from heaven illuminating the path I must follow... or something... Rather, I discovered that I didn't have to do the whole thing straight, that going the crooked route was just as interesting.

5. I want to be as clear as possible. But life isn't clear, it comes at you from all kinds of directions at all kinds of speed. And I have to confess that I like, and think that poetry should reflect my experience, rather than try to impose an artificial order on it.

6. How important is the reader? Important enough not to be mollycoddled.

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