Monday, March 22, 2010

Meet the Poetry Generator

from the Poetry Generator at

So tiny under the wind

Totally damp under the vapors
I command grotesque devils under the tomb
We Reach! The Knight is done
We are hot in the mud
We swallow red wraiths behind the dreamscape
Crazy! The fun is good
So tiny under the wind
I smear desirous tentacles over the earth
Dig it! The pleasure will die
flickering altered
never meeting
any wind that blows
In whose eyes
such a man
stop for a while
and miss his turning

If a poem is enjoyable - and that one is awful - does it matter who wrote it? Should we bother putting our names to poems or just send them out into the world from the fabled makar, Anon? I know my ego wouldn't let me do that - and yet there are times when I wish I had! Dreadful poems which my name attached, sit in someone's bookshelf or bottom drawer - it is a pain. But that pain is relieved when a reader volunteers praise for a poem - or even a line in a poem! Ah, ego - it is my ego that is starving in a garret while I overeat in the kitchen.

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