Friday, March 19, 2010

Jimmy Pike, Desert psuchedelis, installation at Gallery Artisan.
22 February – 28 March 2010

Jimmy Pike's designs are vivid, dynamic and groundbreaking in their use of non-traditional colours. In collaboration with the company Desert Designs, they exploded onto an international stage via high-fashion garments, textiles and furnishings. Desert Psychedelic, curated by Kirsten Fitzpatrick for artisan in partnership with Desert Designs, features Pike's original prints, textile lengths and the garments produced from his fabric designs. Australian Catholic University, Brisbane.

East Kimberley Painting Revisited - Sydney
3 March – 2 April 2010

The East Kimberley Painting Revisited exhibition showcases the work of Rover Thomas, Freddie Timms, Rusty Peters and Jack Britten (an Art Month event). Rover Thomas was the doyen of the painting movement that emerged in the eastern Kimberley region around 1980, focused on the Aboriginal community of Warmun adjacent to the township of Turkey Creek. Jack Britten is renowned for his paintings of Purnululu (the Bungle Bungles) and his use of rich ochres often mixed with dark red bloodwood resin. Freddie Timms' large canvases, such as Frog Hollow trace the features of his land; its black and red soils, water holes, creeks and hills. Rusty Peters' canvases are visually close to those of Rover Thomas and the Turkey Creek artists but he has also found inspiration outside the aboriginal community.

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